Gumi Echo

Uploaded by RandomChan 1532667250 ago


A mmd model that I ported to vrchat.(I do not own the model, credit to original creator)
Has gestures for normal head, TV faces and music gesture. (The music gesture plays music from the music video Gumi Echo)
Also has emotes too!
Model is 41380 polys, also DO NOT use the scene file named GumiEchoTest use GumiEcho.
Everything that the model requires should be there, let me know if anything is broken or missing.

-shirt and skirt clips the model a little bit when moving, I need to add more coliders

Fun Facts:
-Model was originally 100k polys

THIS MODEL IS ABOVE 20K YOU WILL NEED TO BYPASS THE POLY LIMIT TO USE IT!!! (Decimating it seems to break it badly)
How to bypass poly limit:

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Bagingus 1634791482 ago

Yo, This says it has "custom shader keywords" Do you know what i can do to fix this?

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EternalHorizons 1612583295 ago

Either I am doing something wrong or I can no longer change the poly amount. Any way I could fix this?

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RandomChan Author 1549381853 ago

Gonna do a remake of this, but better.

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WhiteRabbit1 1542677540 ago

Hay great job but quick question why do the arms on the left side try to fallow the main arm and the other side just flouts there

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TrixxedHeart 1532832547 ago

Oh yeah I remember trying to decimate this model for myself, it's near impossible to get it down to 20k without making it look awful, even after deleting the hidden head.

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RandomChan Author 1532801235 ago

I do believe it was shift+f7. I should have put a list of gestures, but I forgot which f key each one was.

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Seulo 1532707512 ago

How do you get the music to play?

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