Ribbon Girl Miku

Uploaded by MrReinelt 1516733614 ago


atsune Miku Modified, Copyright: CRYPTON FUTURE MEDIA.I just added into VRChat.Please follow the SDK installation instructions after you've downloaded and opened the package, as this is needed to upload the avatar and use

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Dutchdinosaur 1518183979 ago

//For anyone having issues with the eyes, that's because their included in the dynamic bone thing for the hair.
to fix it you can create an object inside the head bone named hair and put all the hair bones in there then in the dynamic bone script put in the hair object you just made instead of head... that worked for me atleast

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Vuci 1517221546 ago

It's very nice but the eyes jiggle when i move... I love this so i hope you can fix it :)

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HotaruLu 1516821662 ago

I looove this Pastel Miku! But the eyes jiggle/bob around insanely when you move D: Could you fix it, or is there an easy way to fix it in unity?Please Dx

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