Pusheen The Cat GIrl Hot (Model is redy ;3) Love

Uploaded by STERVO4KA 1532869291 ago


by JELSA-fan-MMD
38 K Poligon

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Quigleyyy 1555723321 ago

why is it a txt doc

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Hayan 1545299842 ago

@Squisheh all you gottta do is edit vrc command pannel. Google it.

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Squisheh 1534521404 ago

This has too many polygons to upload to vrchat ;-; :(

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improvise 1534412190 ago

so cute!

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Silvamord 1534181286 ago

Please include a link to the original creator for proper credit: https://www.deviantart.com/jelsa-fan-mmd/art/MMD-Pusheen-The-Cat-Human-DL-716890649

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rpdubbies 1533713728 ago

How do i make this vrchat ready?

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Kaigi 1533505354 ago

Its adorable

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Saek 1532942990 ago

soooo cute!

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Hitoro 1532917651 ago

Meh, I wanted the cat. Already have this from deviant art

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STERVO4KA Author 1532870685 ago

Good ;3

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Hoodytm 1532870557 ago

awww i love that cat thank you :3

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