Celestia Ludenberg

Uploaded by ggqf 1516746715 ago


Celestia Ludenberg from Danganronpa. This is a VERY high poly model, but it should be optimized for its poly count. Full eyes/mouth/hair/cloth physics.


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TrashStars 1598036666 ago


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BeepBeepAgadoo 1567482007 ago

If you could do Toko, i would ADORE THAT. The model is AMAZING btw. Keep up the good work!

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DjangoBreeze 1556823030 ago

However, she doesn't have the claw thing on her finger which is pretty disappointing. If you ever plan on doing this character again please remember to include that little piece of character okay?

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velvex 1542149785 ago

works great ty

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velvex 1542145656 ago

why is there a nanachi model file in there

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