Biker Reaper (Cape Physics/Custom Anim)

Uploaded by HazeUsendaya 1516750474 ago


Credit: Rip; Togekisspika35. Import/Gun Animation; HazeUsendaya. Gun Position Adjustment; Asa. Reaper; Blizzard Entertainment. Import of Biker Reaper skin to VRChat with custom animation override for Rock n' Roll symbol (pulls out reaper's shotguns). Has physics for the cape (it's floaty and stuff, yay)


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eero619 1517067471 ago

I cant figure out how to add the cape from Materials-Reaper. I add it to body of the reaper, then it removes the body and the decal from the body of the reaper. Help ?

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TheUnknownNZ 1516761732 ago

hazeusendaya idk like a mini version like 0.6-0.7 if thats cool

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HazeUsendaya Author 1516761521 ago

Also, thank you @monarch ! :)

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HazeUsendaya Author 1516761499 ago

A mini version? How small do you want it to be? I try my best to create my avatars relatively close to the real characters height

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TheUnknownNZ 1516760885 ago

monarch yea i know that but my unity is stuffing up so i have to always guess the view point on models

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Monarch 1516760417 ago

You can manually make it smaller if you want just scale the size down and then adjust the camera. Also, love this model! Top quality import and the guns for VR are well done!

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TheUnknownNZ 1516756961 ago

Hey could you do a mini version of this or no? sorta hard with my unity stuffing up with the camera

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