Rolling Stone Miku (Visemes, dynamic bones, eye tracking)

Uploaded by MarioKart7z 1533373301 ago


Original model:

NOTE: In the screenshots you can see i used some custom emotes, i didn't include those in the download (but you can find them right here on VRCMods)

19997 polygons, no need for a hacked SDK

Visemes wasn't tested within VRChat (i don't have a mic) but the shape keys were tested in Blender and they seem to work

Requires Cubed's Shaders (you know where to get those)

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MarioKart7z Author 1534057194 ago

@Xerkies First off, you don't need to touch the bone configurations at all
Second off, that's just a side effect of the CATS plugin, the plugin itself says it's perfectly fine to ignore it

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Xerkies 1533997125 ago

Hello, I'm getting an error when configuring bones and it says "Spine Transform 'Spine' has bone length of zero.". Am I able to ignore it and move on or how can I fix it?

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