U-1146 (White Blood Cell - Hataraku Saibou)

Uploaded by manek 1534036921 ago


the virtual world is full of dangers that has to be eliminated and cute stuff that must be protected
so get in the shoes of u-1146 and protect those platelets !!!!
new attempt at modelling that it turned out better thatn expected but still needs improvements
in some proportions and weight paint.
it took me nearly 20 hours of work and a lot learning
the character has a few facial expressions that i couldn´t develop as i don´t know how to use alpha in unity yet
but it has his weapon and his bacteria radar :D
hope you enjoy it and protect the cuteness in this world and your body too

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Little Nora 1534093786 ago

I love it! But it's a bit late, the Knuckles infestation has already died out

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Clyde 1534040006 ago

You actually modeled it yourself?

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DarkLiightX 1534039959 ago

Nice Job!
would love too see Eosinophil Cell even more Macrophage cell !

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