Roronoa Zoro (Bandana Mode, Dynamics and emotes)

Uploaded by Eagle 1534115264 ago


Roronoa Zoro from One Piece.
One Piece and all it's characters/content belong to Eiichiro Oda

Zoro is about 12k polygons

Zoro got lost again and ended up on VRChat this time...

>You can now toggle Zoro's ''Bandana Mode'' with Fist/Shift + F2
>Zoro now also holds his swords in his hands and mouth (they are also dark purple like they are when covered with armament haki
>Added a haki sound effect whenever you change to bandana Zoro
>Zoro's clothes are also dynamic now

**When switching from Shift + F2 to F1 the outfit may get stuck, then just press Shift + F3 then F1**

Cubed Shaders

Got any problems with this model, message me on discord - Eagle#4191

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Nepgeah 1534123002 ago

Jesus christ join your meshes

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Eagle Author 1564336908 ago

lmao, looking back at this model after almost a year, it's pretty unoptimized, i might remake it and update the files

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Asteriskk 1559586631 ago

how do i fix the haki version texture?

0 Reply
Hayan 1546148656 ago

Hey, thank you very much. Fuck the guy below.

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