White Long Haired Ooka (made by Me)

Uploaded by DarknessAurelius 1535099805 ago


She should be working Fine.
My Discord is Darkness_Aurelius#1132 if for some reason you want to add me.I do models in my spare time when i feel like it :)
Ps : You will need to bypass the Poly Limit Watch this Video if you don't know how to do that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjNc-DMHjX0

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Jamesedward11 1543036067 ago

How do I Control the Eyebrows

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Meikel184 1535589907 ago

For the Information Togahave this avatar from hisworld buyfrom a nother user from his community toga self have not make this avatar

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Cokey 1535496729 ago

Awesome! I say Toga made one that looked like this before and I really wanted it as a personal model so yay!

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TheFakeUser 1535213493 ago

You basically copied Toga work

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Lil Mac17 1535161497 ago


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Gpuna 1535148874 ago

Thanks for sharing! <3

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DandyesLoveGirls 1535137362 ago

nice i love it

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DarknessAurelius Author 1535135293 ago

A Day to make the model and a half day to make the emotes and Dynamic bones

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DandyesLoveGirls 1535131367 ago

how long you made this model?

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Maebbie 1535130242 ago


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Anzu 1535106969 ago

ty <3 ^_^

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