7 Pre-Animated Wings

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7 Animated Wing Prefabs to put on your avatar!

Video of the flap animation on wings: https://i.gyazo.com/a433e2606586b66378c2acdb303f2bda.mp4?_ga=2.20563504.966638233.1536031534-1468036301.1520661278

White Wings
Black Wings
Red/Orange Wings
Blue Wings
Blue and Black Wings
Purple Dragon Wings
Gargoyle Wings

All you have to do is drag and drop the prefabs into the scene and put them on your avatar's hierarchy (preferably the chest)

I got the wings from bowlroll but I cant find the source

You need Cubed shaders for them.

If you have any questions or suggestions, comment it! Don't forget to rate <3


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Tic Tac 1589263827 ago


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mijumarunr1 1636814441 ago

Just incase anyone is curious the wings were made by Ginjishi for MMD and can be found here! https://bowlroll.net/file/23834

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KatezK07 1629057121 ago

Can I sell them on an avatar? Who should I credit?

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Rubba Author 1555816208 ago

depends if they have the same bones names as the keyframes are bone rotations

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Artorikus 1555798259 ago

Very cool! It's possible to import that animation other wings that I already have on my avatar?

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Rubba Author 1540696238 ago

yeah, its an animation so it doesnt do it iuntil its in game or you press play in unity

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xhyperfrostx 1537669686 ago

so when in get into the game is that when the wings start flapping

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Rubba Author 1536123940 ago

well I meant the exact link to the source

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RogueMorty 1536122544 ago

If you got the wings from bowlroll, wouldn't that be the source?

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