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Edgy Boy with lots of SPICY gestures (21k) Screenshot Edgy Boy with lots of SPICY gestures (21k) Screenshot Edgy Boy with lots of SPICY gestures (21k) Screenshot Edgy Boy with lots of SPICY gestures (21k) Screenshot

6.6K Total Downloads

159K Total Views

Asset Type VRChat Avatars

File Type Unity Package


An old avatar I made a while back, never use it so imma drop it here. Every hand gesture has custom animations.

Has flapping wings and a spicy bape mask


FingerPoint: Saxophone spewing music particles with blue light and heart /kissingface emoji particles. plays epic sax guy.

PeaceSign/Victory: Spawns DJ table with fixed joint (Will stay in place even if you move). Plays jelly fish jam.

RockNRoll: Spawns bong takes off bape mask and put it in your hand. Smoke world particles and plays Blueberry Yum Yum by Ludacris.

FingerGun: Takes out Phone with working camera.

ThumbsUp: Takes picture with phone.

SDK that allows over 20k polys.
Dynamic Bones
Cubed Shaders

The emotes can be spammy so please don't annoy people with it lol

The bong can be iffy when it comes to the TOS so also be careful with that lol

Make sure to rate <3


Assets (148 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/Ludacris - Blueberry Yum Yum (Dirty+Lyrics).mp3
/Assets/Epic sax guy 10 hours.mp3
/Assets/New Material 3.mat
/Assets/GestureOveride 1.overrideController
/Assets/jellyfish jam.mp3
/Assets/sax/textures/Materials/preview (2).mat
/Assets/Particle Ingredient Pack/Script/csDemoScenceControl.cs
/Assets/Particle Ingredient Pack/Script/csMouseOrbit.cs
/Assets/Particle Ingredient Pack/Script/csRotate.cs
/Assets/Particle Ingredient Pack/Script/csColorChangerinSampleScene.cs
/Assets/Particle Ingredient Pack/Script/csParticleMake.cs
/Assets/decks/decks/obj/start st.jpg
/Assets/decks/decks/obj/Materials/11 - Default.mat
/Assets/decks/decks/obj/Materials/03 - Default.mat
/Assets/decks/decks/obj/Materials/07 - Default.mat
/Assets/decks/decks/obj/Materials/Material #349.mat
/Assets/decks/decks/obj/Materials/Material #26.mat
/Assets/decks/decks/obj/Materials/01 - Default.mat
/Assets/decks/decks/obj/Materials/12 - Default.mat
/Assets/decks/decks/obj/Materials/22 - Default.mat
/Assets/decks/decks/obj/Materials/09 - Default.mat
/Assets/decks/decks/obj/Materials/18 - Default.mat
/Assets/decks/decks/obj/Materials/20 - Default.mat
/Assets/decks/decks/obj/Materials/14 - Default.mat
/Assets/decks/decks/obj/Materials/13 - Default.mat
/Assets/decks/decks/obj/Materials/Material #509.mat
/Assets/decks/decks/obj/Materials/Material #37.mat
/Assets/decks/decks/obj/Materials/10 - Default.mat
/Assets/decks/decks/obj/Materials/19 - Default.mat
/Assets/decks/decks/obj/Materials/17 - Default.mat
/Assets/decks/decks/obj/Materials/06 - Default.mat
/Assets/decks/decks/obj/Materials/Material #323.mat
/Assets/decks/decks/obj/Materials/15 - Default.mat
/Assets/decks/decks/obj/Materials/08 - Default.mat
/Assets/decks/decks/obj/Materials/16 - Default.mat
/Assets/decks/decks/obj/Materials/04 - Default.mat
/Assets/decks/decks/obj/Materials/Material #324.mat
/Assets/decks/decks/obj/Materials/23 - Default.mat
/Assets/Epic Toon FX/Prefabs/Misc/MusicalNotes.prefab
/Assets/Epic Toon FX/Prefabs/Interactive/Emojis/EmojiKiss.prefab
/Assets/Epic Toon FX/Prefabs/Interactive/Portals/SpinPortal/SpinPortalRed.prefab
/Assets/Epic Toon FX/Prefabs/Environment/Fog/White/FogLively.prefab
/Assets/Epic Toon FX/Textures/portal_stripes4.png
/Assets/Epic Toon FX/Textures/heart.png
/Assets/Epic Toon FX/Textures/magic_line.png
/Assets/Epic Toon FX/Textures/cloud_soft.png
/Assets/Epic Toon FX/Textures/portal_glow.png
/Assets/Epic Toon FX/Textures/notes.png
/Assets/Epic Toon FX/Textures/Emoticons/TGA/kiss.tga
/Assets/Epic Toon FX/Demo/ParticleEffectsShowcase/Scripts/ParticleEffectsLibrary.cs
/Assets/Epic Toon FX/Demo/ParticleEffectsShowcase/Scripts/PEButtonScript.cs
/Assets/Epic Toon FX/Demo/ParticleEffectsShowcase/Scripts/PEDestoryTimed.cs
/Assets/Epic Toon FX/Demo/ParticleEffectsShowcase/Scripts/UICanvasManager.cs
/Assets/Epic Toon FX/Demo/Scripts/ETFXButtonScript.cs
/Assets/Epic Toon FX/Demo/Scripts/ETFXLoopScript.cs
/Assets/Epic Toon FX/Demo/Scripts/ETFXSceneManager.cs
/Assets/Epic Toon FX/Demo/Scripts/ETFXProjectileScript.cs
/Assets/Epic Toon FX/Demo/Scripts/ETFXMouseOrbit.cs
/Assets/Epic Toon FX/Demo/Scripts/ETFXFireProjectile.cs
/Assets/Epic Toon FX/Materials/Misc/heart.mat
/Assets/Epic Toon FX/Materials/Misc/notes.mat
/Assets/Epic Toon FX/Materials/Clouds/cloud_soft.mat
/Assets/Epic Toon FX/Materials/Portals/portal_glow.mat
/Assets/Epic Toon FX/Materials/Portals/portal_stripes4.mat
/Assets/Epic Toon FX/Materials/Magic/magic_line.mat
/Assets/Epic Toon FX/Materials/Emoticons/kiss.mat
/Assets/Epic Toon FX/Scripts/ETFXPitchRandomizer.cs
/Assets/Epic Toon FX/Scripts/ETFXRotation.cs
/Assets/Epic Toon FX/Scripts/ETFXLightFade.cs
/Assets/Epic Toon FX/Models/aura_straight.FBX
/Assets/Epic Toon FX/Models/Materials/verticalglow02.mat

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Rubba Author 1557047367 ago

Go rip some particles you monkey

KyoukoZ 1557034949 ago


pswords20 1554359434 ago

can I have you help me with this, please I don't understand why I can't get it all to work?

KingCDog 1551554746 ago

You are so good at making models! Could we have a Lolathon Avatar?

Rubba Author 1549773791 ago

legs are a bit long so itll feel like you have stilts on

Shisui 1549737315 ago

is it full body ready?

TheUnknownM 1540332060 ago

One of my friends have this avatar and I was jealous of him for having such a great avatarNever knew it was uploaded here! This is sick. :D

nanostar 1539897677 ago

I actualy edited it to be a girl and I loved it it was easy to work with

hanaechu 1537283601 ago


masterpokey 1536873443 ago

to much polygons

Rubba Author 1536296968 ago

ravioli ravioli, give me the formuoli

seabug 1536292860 ago

spicy meatball

XXXTENTACION 1536199953 ago


Rubba Author 1536189465 ago

what does it say for you?

LEGEND WALE64 1536187933 ago

For some odd reason I cannot upload this avatar even though I manually changed the polygon limit, which has always worked for me.

Thatstonereddie 1536179026 ago

First avatar with a bong on Vrcmods. History has been made.

gabbzz94 1536143580 ago

i still kept the noise maker haha but this avatar download worked thank you!

Rubba Author 1536143096 ago

lol yeah wierd, It was giving people this avatar here even tho I have never downloaded it before lol. so I couldnt of possibly uploaded that xd

Rubba Author 1536142979 ago

Try now guys

gabbzz94 1536142828 ago

yeah i got the noise tank 2000 too :(

Rubba Author 1536142702 ago

wtfff, i got some weird ass noise tank too xdd , I never even had this before, im guessing their database is all whack atm

animodels 1536137959 ago

Hi I just tried download your Edgy boy 3 times but the model aren't the same as the preview. The character in this download called "Noise Tank 2000 V3". I wonder if this download page has glitch?

Rubba Author 1536136146 ago

run the scene

kittycity 1536134982 ago

I can't find the model


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