The Hollow Knight[Fixed Purple Textures]

Uploaded by TrixxedHeart 1536734075 ago


I have decided to remove all of my files off of VRCMods, if you want them. go here

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NovalityFrost 1640164741 ago

Yo bud I got a question, Where is the main model for THK, I'm lookin for it and all I see are two things, The HKWeightFix, And the shadeHK, Along with the nail, Where is the main model, Because I'm tryna hook that over but can't find it.

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THE SNIC SNACK 1538159484 ago

There's no models of characters from just shapes and beats... Could you please make some

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NightLite 1537126958 ago

It does fix it. Thanks Trix. ^^

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TrixxedHeart Author 1537125660 ago

Try changing the position of the avatar you're trying to upload to the location: 0X 0Y 0Z that may fix it

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NightLite 1537039411 ago

I have the same problem. No clue how to fix it.

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SpriteThePixl 1536892748 ago

Already did that, even used a modded sdk and nothing.

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TrixxedHeart Author 1536861690 ago

Sprite try deleting and reinstalling your SDK, I don't know what the issue could be at that point.

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SpriteThePixl 1536858184 ago

No it isnt that. Even the small one has the problem, the warning says something about atleast one of the axis on the models are too big and prevemts uploading.

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TrixxedHeart Author 1536815866 ago

The HK big avatar is as tall as I could make them without modding the SDK, so try just scaling it down slightly until it's accepted

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SpriteThePixl 1536783647 ago

For some reason it says the HK big won't be uploadable because something about the size of the axis or smth.

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TrixxedHeart Author 1536780064 ago

I may have forgotten to swap a few materials, click on the pink areas and go to the "Materials" folder. afterwards drag one of the black circles to the arm and then to the chest. after that double click on the eyes, that should open a few drop downs on the hierarchy, after that click "Eyeone (1)" and drag the "InfectInner" Material onto the name in the Hierarchy, Do the same for "Eyeone (2)", Then click "eyeInside1 (2)" and do the same but with "InfectOuter" and do the same with "eyeInside1 (1)". I'll re-upload a version with the fixed materials in a couple minutes.

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Willixir 1536773763 ago

I have cubed shaders in my project, but the big HK's arm, body, and eyes still appear as pink for me, which is odd because the small one right next to it seems to work perfectly; any ideas as to why this might be happening

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