Eyes: The Horror Game Krasue (kinda fixed!)

Uploaded by BloodWork 1537017297 ago


Krasue joins VRChat!

Krasue is a major character in Eyes The Horror Game, as one of its antagonists. She is the presumed main antagonist.

I recommend creating a new Unity Project with just the SDK inside to avoid Bugs & Errors.

To get started click the folder named "Eyes the Horror Game Model" you will see another folder named "Model" open it and double-click the Unity Package.

The Model is called FakeAvatar because it needs to be Humanoid rigged for Hand animations so its actually a humanoid Avatar but the Krasue is under the Amature, that doesn't matter at all.

I added some Animations to her:

-Flying Idle from the Game
-Fingerpoint(Shift+F4): plays the music when she is near you
-Rocknroll(Shift+F6): plays the biting sound
-Thumbsup(Shift+F8): plays the Jumpscare Gif with sound from the Game! (please don't overuse it because people will see it in a small range near you, not my fault if you get blocked heh.)

I will be updating this when I find something good for the Krasue, stay tuned and have fun scare the shiet out of people maybe^^

If you find any bugs or have problems using it, tell me and I will try my best to fix it!

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Shuixi 1578428177 ago

pls can someone make one who work i really want touse it to scare my friend but im too bad on unity ... no matter what i try it doesnt work

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Shuixi 1547832202 ago

hey i love your work the only bad thing is that the avatar is not rig to your arm and you still see a full body grey character. I would love it if you fix the avatar. THX for doing what you do and thanks you trying to fix the avatar <3 (sorry for my poor english)

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Celluki14 1546302800 ago

Nice avatar ! Can you upload only the jumpscare so I can put it on an other avatar please

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THE SNIC SNACK 1545840039 ago

The ONLY thing new with this avatar is how it's EXTRA BROKEN! Hooking up the animations doesn't work anymore and the jumpscare isn't even there, even though the audio is. The camera has been screwed up and you only see inside of her mouth.

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SnipeySnipes 1545751351 ago

The Unity Package is not under "Model", it's under the Eyes The Horror Game folder. The only thing I see inside "Model" are 3 texture pictures. Also, when checking to see if the avatar works ingame, the humanoid is still showing. I would like to know how to fix this. It's irritating me. Is this VR only or is it functional in desktop mode

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BloodWork Author 1545330866 ago


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ubisoft85 1538991564 ago

hi this is cool model. How to add fly to the head

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THE SNIC SNACK 1538246766 ago

Any plans on making the jumpscare better

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THE SNIC SNACK 1538184773 ago

How do i remove the invisible effect

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THE SNIC SNACK 1538165037 ago

I got it to work after an hour and a half of experimenting, but the jumpscare is laggy and delayed.

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Jam 1537496581 ago

If you can find a way to hide the name plate this would be perfect. I'll give it a look see later.

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Mr Cundalini 1537287735 ago

p.s Yes i followed all your installation steps in the description

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Mr Cundalini 1537287652 ago

Hey, I'm having some trouble with your avatar 1st: when i build and publish and load it up in game the grey figure is still there, 2nd: The avatar appears to have no animations. Hope you can help me out and thanks.

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Apocalypse1977 1537261864 ago

yo BloodWork i got word from a friend that know the maker's of the game and mods but this avatar is only good for Friend+ and invite only so if anyone has it make sure your with your friends are it will get you ban from the game no clue why ppl hate realistic blood in a game.

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BloodWork Author 1537154033 ago

the FakeAvatar has the another controller^

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BloodWork Author 1537153969 ago

@Apocalypse1977 add the controller to the head where the Idle is called Fly and it should be fixed

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Apocalypse1977 1537143223 ago

well even i delete the body it looks ok but there in no animation just a stiff Head.

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BloodWork Author 1537111449 ago

@leon811u it should look like on the last Picture, for me everything works fine i tried it 2 times. My friend had that Model ingame, more details would be helpful.

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leon811u 1537110659 ago

Im having the same problem as Cokey, I have the SDK and the Eyes of horror game imported. Double clicked the Unity package in the model folder. Now what

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BloodWork Author 1537083735 ago

@Cokey did you create a new project..

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Cokey 1537063148 ago

Err.. It doesn't include anything you said in the description. I did everything right I believe. It's just a grey model with red eyes and has no jumpscare or anything, and the "head" Is barely visible and glitched on the grey model.

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BloodWork Author 1537036902 ago

could have a better timing but yeah feel free to change stuff :D

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rapisodia 1537036380 ago

Ty for JumpScare, nice work.

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