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Life is suffering.

If if doesn't let you upload just detach the Blueprint ID from the avatar descriptor.
If for whatever reason it doesn't appear right case it create a new project and unzip this into the project folder:


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Mr Cundalini 1537533611 ago

Sweet as, uploaded fine! Works great in game, thanks again for the help!

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bulletpainpills Author 1537506047 ago

Oh you just click on the avatar descriptor, scroll to the bottom and detach the blueprint ID and you'll be all good

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Mr Cundalini 1537424825 ago

continuation: Please sign in with the correct account or detach the Blueprint ID (accessible on the VRC_PipelineManager) associated with the descriptor.

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Mr Cundalini 1537424650 ago

Hey i get this error when i go to build and publish: The signed in account does not have access to the blueprint associated with your VRC_Avatar(or scene) Descriptor

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Mr Cundalini 1537422139 ago

oh ok, thanks man!

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bulletpainpills Author 1537410871 ago

You can use a modified sdk that removes the polygon limit, the source project file I linked is all set up and ready to go for uploading

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Mr Cundalini 1537359557 ago

how do i reduce the polygons it has 55k while vrchats limit is only 20k

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Negan 1537185165 ago

sexy yes

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