Hyper Light Drifter

Uploaded by 09williamsad 1537200168 ago


The Hyper Light Drifter with robot and sword.
Extracted from the game Brawlout
Rock and roll gesture to make the sword appear.
Also avaliable on my world "Webway"
Requires Cubed Shaders.

No requests

VRC mods does not notify when a comment is made so contact me on [email protected] if any issues.

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SleepyJaxun 1541937838 ago

it says im missing an assembly reference

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SleepyJaxun 1541937384 ago

Im getting an sdk error trying to upload this saying "Clear cache" any suggestions

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09williamsad Author 1540637037 ago

@Empyrrean The sword and robot skeletons have now been removed and the animation end set to 0.01.

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Empyrrean 1540164983 ago

Appreciate the port, but you royally screwed this up. You separated the sword and robot from the base mesh as separate .fbx's but you left the entire bone structure in each one, increasing file size and tanking performance. You also forgot to change to sword script time from 1.00 second to 0.01.

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Celluki14 1537374572 ago

yung maestro

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Little Nora 1537212414 ago

It's beautiful~

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TrixxedHeart 1537203312 ago


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