Guts Berserker (FINAL)

Uploaded by TheUnknownM 1537642525 ago


(I got reports that this model shines so bright with any metallic materials so don't have any metallic stuff on him (If you want to put them on him then put the no blood/blood material on his eyes)

I didn't have this model on my computer anymore, I found a link to get the model back so i had to do a lot of stuff to get everything back up and running again, I finally got everything working. (Just in case you need to download the model other than here,

There are two materials for the chest, One with and without blood on it. (The cape material has blood on it and I can't find the version without blood, Sorry)
You need these files.
Dynamic bones:
Glow (For the Eyes to glow! Spooky!!!)
Cube Shaders So the textures aren't pink)
How to set up dynamic bones for the cape, Remember to select the model and add component "Dynamic Bones" Then find the base_cape in armature on the left side window then click and drag cape_base to the root of dynamic bones and set Damping to 1. Mess around with the settings to your liking.
There are currently no animations because I don't know how to implement animations like custom dances or pressing a button to equip the sword.
From the anime berserker
Gumi for the link of the model
(I Forgot this guy's discord, I'm sorry
Guts, Also known as Devilmane#0666 for uploading the model and tried to fix the cape but the bones were out of place (For some reason the bones were on the far left side in blender) (He wanted him and me to use this model but I wanted to upload this guy so you can use it, Sharing is caring)
Silvia, Evendora#0001 for fixing the cape and making the eyes glow. (I think this person made the Glow file but I forgot) :P

BIG Thanks to garret2727 for working on it, Fixing everything on the model. Met him on the vrchat discord, Guts added the cape material afterwards.

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TacticalNerd1963 1559320730 ago

Do you plan to upload guts before he got the armor? There's a model here if you need it-

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KaenraeObscuro 1614044179 ago

The link to the Glow file is no longer available. Is there some way I can get it, or am I a year too late?

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jeeno 1605482444 ago


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TheUnknownM Author 1561510100 ago

TacticalNerd1963 So sorry for the late reply! Someone on the discord will help you.
A person on the discord helped me upload guts model, I didn't do everything myself I only know how to use unity a bit. ^^

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TheUnknownM Author 1537997498 ago

Awesome! Glad it's working for you. :D

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Dean 1537992958 ago

Thanks, I got it now!

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TheUnknownM Author 1537817659 ago

Download the glow file in the description, Open up unity then double click this exe then you should get a glow asset in unity and it should be on the bottom left window under projects, click on it then drag the material on the eye.
(Do not add any metallic items because i get reports that the avatar shines so bright)

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Dean 1537779915 ago

How do I add the glow to this model

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TheUnknownM Author 1537736224 ago

There was a user on discord called gumi, I copy and paste the credits from my other 220 days old model post from the site here.
Thank you! I don't know why I never bothered to fix this mode, I remembered about this and it occurred to me that i needed to get the Guts Berserker model again so I decided to patch it, Thank's for liking the model!

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Gumi 1537681016 ago

So, im wondering are you talking about the girl gumi or gloomi, the one on vrchat with a casca model, when you credit. And eother way. Nice model!

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TheUnknownM Author 1537646253 ago

Yep, I know, I lost the files and I finally found them and remembered were they were, added in the cape material and I found out how to add the dynamic bone to the cape (Idk why that took so long for me to know how to do it) :P
Don't ask how long this took me to put everything together. :P

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Devilman 1537646064 ago

Wow you still worked on this, like this is really old. Pog

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TheUnknownM Author 1537643722 ago

If there are any issues please comment, I downloaded and tested this myself and everything works. Hoping it works for you guys.

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