neko animation squad

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neko animation squad

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Red134 1557470897 ago

@IamOmniJiku he steals shit sometimes modifies it slightly AT BEST then reposts it here. Any original content that I ever saw come out of him was complete garbage and still used said stolen shaders. Also these retarded edgy-ass pics he uses instead of ACTUAL previews.

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Red134 1546989997 ago

@FruityFusion preach it.
fuck this content stealing piece of shit would clap him myself but i only ever saw him once in the box

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bobilly89 1539048862 ago

ackshyually I made everything

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Asa 1539042740 ago

well first of all i made everything

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FruityFusion 1539039375 ago

First my Fractal shader, now zer0's laydown Animation, Enjoy KOS

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Zimmerson 1539039097 ago

Don't play stupid, we both know where you got it from my dude.

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Zimmerson 1539038323 ago

Maybe try creating something yourself instead of ripping it from others lul

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MrBaracu 1561385801 ago

A small tutorial how to use it would be nice for new user in unity.

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IamOmniJiku 1556286503 ago

Neko Is a Great person.

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IamOmniJiku 1556286481 ago

All of you are Haters of Neko. Neko Didnt Do Anything or Do Shit. Hes just making avatars for his friends and group Dont Crash him on sight or fucking what ever dont be a asshole.

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Red134 1552718183 ago

oh and you ALMOST got it... ALMOST got a pic that shows whats included...
here, ftfy

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Celluki14 1539207487 ago

Maybe... we all did something in this model... maybe the world made this model... MA- zzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Zenn 1539050227 ago

Zimmerson must have small wee wee to come onto vrcmods and accuse people of ripping stuff

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NEK0 Animation Squad Author 1539040066 ago

Dude everyone can make that idle in 5 min whit a normel musscle animator so Wtf dude i made it my self

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NEK0 Animation Squad Author 1539038883 ago

zimmerson i make myself ...

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Paranoias Big Venom 1539034262 ago

y touch my pp instead

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Celluki14 1539032057 ago

Do not touch the loli

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