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[Animated] Toyota Corolla AE86 Trueno [UPDATED 30/4] Screenshot [Animated] Toyota Corolla AE86 Trueno [UPDATED 30/4] Screenshot [Animated] Toyota Corolla AE86 Trueno [UPDATED 30/4] Screenshot [Animated] Toyota Corolla AE86 Trueno [UPDATED 30/4] Screenshot

7.2K Total Downloads

166.7K Total Views

Asset Type VRChat Avatars

File Type Unity Package


MAJOR UPDATE: Hachiroku now has a winking idle animation and can carry up to 4 players at once! There's also headlights for this guy (since it is incredibly dark to race with it in Akina's map). Anyways, details are below and I hope you enjoy this new addition to this avatar! :D

Also I included a tofu engine. Have fun with it.

GIF: (the seated lag is due to the high position of the seats; the windscreen is fully blocked)
INQUIRIES on animated avatar:

A lot of people have requested for it when I roam around with this avatar, so I've decided to release this popular car avatar to the public for sharing. Spent a good amount of time (~1 week) finding the correct resources and having to deal with problematic file types (there are very little .obj and .dae files in the Web even though there are tons of 3D models for this).
There's still a lot of polygon issues that I am still not pleased about with this model (especially the tires), but I will see to another release for a better-tweaked version of this avatar.

HOW TO PREPARE (UPDATED as of 30/4/2018):
1. Drag the 'AE86 Scene w Seats + Animations Fix' if you want a drifting normal-sized tofu car that winks at others occassionally. Skip Step 2.
2. Drag the 'AE86 Scene' to the scene after you have imported the new file from this recent update.
3. All specifications and adjustments have been rendered. You can double check the values through the old steps given above.

D3NKE(@3D Warehouse) - Toyota - AE86 Trueno (Initial D) Model
IceSeasons / PotatoSalae - implementation and Setup into VRChat.
If you do wish to edit and republish this, please credit the previous authors. Leave a comment if you do enjoy it! :)

Do check out some of my other designs:
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Mitsubishi Lancer EVO III []
Mazda RX-7 Type-R (FD3S) []
Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IX []

Assets (119 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/S.AE86Controller 1.controller
/Assets/AE86 Scene.unity
/Assets/AE86 Scene w Seats & Animation Fix.unity

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Tic Tac 1589264166 ago


Stizza 1587140566 ago

Could you possibly add some tail light trails so when you "drift" it follows your tail lights? you can find examples like this by searching up Initial D tail light trail effect.

Hirokichi1209 1546593134 ago

You forgot to merge the meshes..

voxy 1532544846 ago

How do I get an older version of the SDK? I can't upload it because of VRC_Station

IceSeasons Author 1525579516 ago

Over the past few days, there have been significant developments with regards to this issue on the avatars and the chairs. The new inquiry board has been put up here ( if you experience any difficulties uploading or playing with this avatar.

Juze16 1525521309 ago

Okay, thank you!

IceSeasons Author 1525489010 ago

@Juze16 The developers have stated that they will be phasing out chairs in this new SDK update due to its “buggy” nature. I was just recently informed of this development and I will be doing some testing to see if there are any issues server-side.Regardless, you can try to download the April 25th VRCSDK version in order to upload the avatar.

Juze16 1525476027 ago

I cant upload this because it has vrc station

IceSeasons Author 1525032152 ago

Tofu car now winks at you and others along with having 4 cushionable seats! If you are interested to see how it goes, I've included a GIF ( to showcase the avatar to ya! I hope that you guys will like it!If there are any bugs or problems, please, as always, feel free to contact me.

IceSeasons Author 1523439980 ago

@Temmie radioactif No problem, I will see to it being patched soon once I am done with my subsequent projects. :)

Temmie radioactif 1523435627 ago

Thank's for your awnser, i hope that will be fixed :3

IceSeasons Author 1523387265 ago

The new file with the included scene has been uploaded. Please download the new file with the instructions given to upload the avatar.@Temmie radioactif Yes, the model is meant to be transparent below the car due to the high polygon count for the AE86 model by D3NKE (400K polygons). I had to delete the engine and interiors in order to meet with the 20k poly limit. The transparency around the windows is, unfortunately, a side effect due to the grouping of the objects, but if it does become a major issue I will see it to be fixed asap.

Temmie radioactif 1522350517 ago

Hi, the model is transparent around the windows and below the car, is that normal? it's still alive there...)

dotChrollo 1519789814 ago

Nevermind that, I figured it out. The SDK doesn't like your model to be off-center, and it ended up being shifted over some. All I had to do was reset positions to 0.

dotChrollo 1519789013 ago

I'm getting a scaling error, but my scale is correct. Unity is saying "This avatar measures too large on at least one axis. It must be <5m on a side but it's bounds are (6.1, 3.0, 6.0)"

Hoodytm 1518229358 ago

Look for "OFFICIAL" with the AE86 model in it. Drag it inside the environment.Where is The environment??? i cant find it

IceSeasons Author 1517638252 ago

The reason why this file wasn't pre-made is that it isn't a humanoid in the first place. I've tried setting up a scene for it previously, but it has continuously failed to upload due to conflicts and I am still in the midst of trying to fix the issue here. If you do have a solution for this, please feel free to notify me on this matter. Of course, should you require any assistance to this model, please feel free to PM me here or on Steam! I will get back to you as soon as possible with your inquiries. :)

FazerGS 1517623833 ago

I thought the whole point of this website was to have premade unity files so we can just click "build and publish".

proskillzpebot 1517329137 ago

ima save for a toyota gt 86

proskillzpebot 1517267266 ago

this car is beast but i want one irl but they are dificult to find and freaking expensive if u want a decent one

Quicksilver 1517196711 ago

@DaGolla make sure the model coordinates are (X: 1.035, Y: 0, Z: 2.5) and the game object is 0 0 0

IceSeasons Author 1517153684 ago

That is pretty large for a model like that. I am assuming that you haven't done the scaling factor of the model (it must be scaled down to 0.0019 units, as seen in Step 3) and that there are some instructions you haven't gone through yet. Regardless, if the problem still persists, feel free to PM me here or on Steam (IceSeasons) with the steps you took to attain that scenario! I will try to address the problem if the scaling solution doesn't work!Also, just as an appeal to the public, I would like to inquire whether would you guys prefer if I added particle effects to it in a separate model. I have been experimenting with it just recently and would definitely love to hear your feedback on this. Here's some photos I've made about it:

DaGolla 1517149224 ago

It still says "this avatar measurements are too large on at least on axis. (30920.2, 543.9, 40072.1)

IceSeasons Author 1517033806 ago

The engine has been removed from the model already. You just need to import the OFFICIAL file and it should be ready to go.

Quicksilver 1517017184 ago

be sure to delete the engine.

IceSeasons Author 1516951894 ago


seabug 1516941454 ago



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