Goblin Slayer

Uploaded by MinstMeat 1539420379 ago


Model made by Noir
Ill I did was place it in unity.

Shaders included:
MK Glow
Cubed Flat lite
Poiyomi Toon

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Kendaar 1540797242 ago

Goburin Srayer

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LuckyDash 1539551965 ago

But it does have awesome sword you could change position. One Sword and two daggers around the chest area. and a shield you can use :3 Just need to make animations and it would look Awesome ;3 "minus for the big polygons. you need to change the actual SDK for it to be upload-able and so on"...

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LuckyDash 1539551615 ago

@jackster This model have "31914" Polygons. That is why it says it is not suitable to VRChat Community Guidelines. Cool

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jackster 1539544079 ago

why "This file may not be suitable under VRChat Community Guidelines"

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FadedRemark 1539498933 ago

sweet model m8

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