Kitsune Tsuki V2 (Lip Sync, 5 Gesture, Eye Track, 18k Polygon)

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Model creator: (??????? aka spirit possession):
From the creator of Miko Ayako -
Permission for use in vrchat.

This model has been tested highly efficient ensuring it doesn't destroy your performance.
Size - 1.24mb model + 2mb sounds
Polygons - 18115
Dynamic bones - 22
Particles - 2 passive, 4 emote triggered.
Working flawless in full body tracking.

1. Download required additional files:
- Poiyomi shaders:
2. Import packages into unity.
3. Import avatar and load scene file named OpenMe, located: Models/Kitsune Tsuki/Kitsune Tsuki.unity.
5. Upload.

1. Hand Open: Heheheh (particles) [Shift + F3]
2. Point: Punyuu (shock) [Shift + F4]
3. Handgun: Awoo (suprise) [Shift + F5]
4. RocknRoll: Purr (sleep) [Shift + F6]
5. ThumbsUp: Oooh (happy) [Shift + F7]

Update V2: Fixed missing particle texture and picture, improved idle animation.

Converted for use in VRChat by OneVoltTen (^_^)
If you need help or would like a comissions done contact me via Discord: OneVoltTen#0001
Checkout my other models:

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OneVoltTen Author 1572341047 ago

Please see latest version:

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beigeanimal 1555107967 ago

Why do you have both kitsune and neko tags on this?
A kitsune is a fox, and a neko is a cat learn the difference. I don't want this appearing in search results when I'm looking for something...

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AlolanVulpixMc 1542060266 ago

this model keeps crashing my unity

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Negan 1539864598 ago

racist, she is white .... im going to rape her with my black schlong

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OneVoltTen Author 1539813608 ago

Fixed missing textures, should be good now

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Hoody tm 1539807009 ago

@Royneer no not yet
im looking

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Royneer 1539798454 ago

@Hoody Did you find the solution to that, i am having the same problem

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Royneer 1539786864 ago

Thanks! ^^

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Hoody tm 1539779823 ago

the sign and the particles are just pink for me

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SiegHelgener 1539778863 ago

Idk why but that glow effects are not working in here

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OneVoltTen Author 1539775312 ago

^_^ Thanks!

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Anzu 1539769599 ago

its working ^_^

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Rainster 1539767247 ago

ill check it out for you make sure it works

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AzulieZeiro 1539764731 ago

the laugh emote is the best

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OneVoltTen Author 1539762412 ago

Appreciate if someone could confirm this is working.

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