Strelizia - White and Red

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A custom-made FRANXX mecha. Its Pistil is always Zero Two. There had been many people who volunteered to be Strelizia's Stamen, but none survived in the long term. Known notable Stamens include Code:081, who was killed due to Zero Two's dangerous piloting; Mitsuru, who was too eager to prove himself and was traumatized after just one sortie in Strelizia and Hiro, who was the only one to survive more than three sorties in Strelizia. Thanks to this feat, Hiro was declared Strelizia's official Stamen.


Cubed's Unity Shader included.

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momotraping 1540819095 ago

Ps , you should rig it , since its quite hard to rig it

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momotraping 1540805158 ago

For those reading this , apparently it was stolen , but it is probable that the original maker of this Gaved him authorisation for such things and such , Anyway , im Happy that whe can download it , since it was a long time i wanted an Strelizia Avatar , even if it stolen , Your dreams come true.

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ClassyWeeb 1540746450 ago

its stolen please dont use this model

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pm me your rarest shaders 1540548540 ago

is this the one from sketchfab

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