Cute Loli with Plushy

Uploaded by Chibi Ari 1541144984 ago


Hey Bois & Grils !

1) Open new project
2)import SDK and Poyomi 2.1
3)Double click Cute Loli Package

?Poyomi 2.1?


You can contact me in Discord if you have any questions. ?

If you want, I'll upload more avatars ... Show me a thumbs up. !

At 20 Likes, I upload a new avatar.!

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Scables 1568372061 ago Chibi Ari wants us to forget, but we will never forget!!!

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euclotte 1565245636 ago

I'm using a translator
I ’m the author of this model This model should not be used with VRC Please delete

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Axurliz 1545810041 ago

v desktop and vr

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Axurliz 1545809981 ago

how do we fix the thing where when i jump, i just go flying

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NamelessRen 1542608818 ago

idk if its just on vr, but when i use it, i go flaying into space

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Ryanthefireman 1541192015 ago

nice model

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pm me your rarest shaders 1541163669 ago

everyone updoot this make an account if you don't have one gogogo

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NEK0 Animation Squad 1541153367 ago

Nice avatare me like :D

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Kurisutina 1541151597 ago

Very nice! Thanks! (^-^)b

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