Foxy Succubus (fullbody 49kpoly)

Uploaded by Phyllo 1541166277 ago


Inspired by Larens World : black n white space
link to the eyes if you want to change the colour of the model
WARNING!! using the 18+ NSFW can get you ban (under Inappropriate Content) with that said USE AT YOUR OWN RISK
18+ NSFW Foxy Link:
Discord : Phyllo#0789
thank to a generous friend and everyone that donated it i'll be getting a oculus rift soon so hopefully next model will be more vr friendly

Thank you again (>^.^)>everyone<(^.^<)

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ReiNasako 1545349756 ago

Could I get the base and the hair

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LePJHD 1544912012 ago

Is it possible to request a avatar

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Phyllo Author 1543268513 ago

@VonRoss23 ohhh the cyber kitten she still wip looking into new base and custom tattoo for her sorry i'm really slow when it come to making models

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VonRoss23 1543199199 ago

i want the next model that is shown in that pic

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zectsuwu 1541462124 ago

is it possible to get the model file

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Phyllo Author 1541431705 ago

*lick zenkiri* :3

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Zenkiri 1541409906 ago

Oh I know. I'm friends with you in VRC after all.

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Phyllo Author 1541348704 ago

updated that should work

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Phyllo Author 1541345174 ago

@Zenkiri I'm desktop player have to ask other people to test it out for me just to make sure it works

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Zenkiri 1541333210 ago

You can get the default gestures easily. All you'll have to do is copy and paste all the keys from the default gestures onto the new gestures and your done. Pretty quick and easy :)

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Phyllo Author 1541188998 ago

@Wallow that might take some time never had to do it before

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Wallow 1541181135 ago

What I meant by gestures is being able to point, give thumbs up, open hand,
etc :)

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Wallow 1541180092 ago

The hands are kinda locked to a static pose, for VR i'd really like to use my hands for gestures

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Wallow 1541180026 ago

Model looks great, but any chance you could give it the use of its hands

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Wallow 1541179273 ago

Thanks <3

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