Jaida Everett (40k poly, visemes, dynamic bones)

Uploaded by Eagle 1541604875 ago


[Model Source] Credits go to Gelajiou for making this model

Jaida has 40k polygons, so you'll need a modded SDK

I forgot to mentoin this avatar uses the NoeNoe shader, not cubed.
https://vrcat.club/threads/updated-29-5-18-noenoe-shaders.157/ Get it here

Jaida has 2 emotes:
Victory - Smile
Fist - Goggles/Glasses On

Any problems? contact me on discord Eagle#4191

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Hayan 1546154098 ago

@khazuwall why don't you try reading the forum thread

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khazuwall 1542324528 ago

so i was searching that forum for the download and what exactly am i suposed to click on to get the shader

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