One's Justice Uraraka (25k, Visemes, Blinking, Dynamics)

Uploaded by Eagle 1541871741 ago



[Credits go to these Heros!!!]
ASideOfChidori -
MVegeta -
Silverado117 -

Uraraka has about 25k polygons, so modded/modified SDK needed for uploading

Any problems? message me on Discord Eagle#4191

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Laffycake 1541997057 ago

Well technically it's not the "same" model... They said they aren't going to do the machine so you could be the one to do the machine. Some people want it with and without like me. I'm begging. I tried to do it myself but I have no idea how to create visemes and blinking on an xps model.

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Laffycake 1542260105 ago

Sweet thanks! Also uh... sorry @Cirikk... Mina isn't in the game. Pissed my bf off she's his waifu.

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Cirikk 1542237916 ago

Woah really nice work, thanks a lot to bring Ochako to Vrchat :D, if you can, can you bring Momo Yaoyorozu and Mina Ashido from the same series

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Eagle Author 1542212625 ago

Ok alright, I'll see what i can do

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Eagle Author 1541890270 ago

@Laffycake I mean i'd like to, but I don't want to upload a model that's already on the site that also has it's own unique animations...

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Laffycake 1541884263 ago

Please do Toga with her machine. The person who uploaded won't do it and I dont know why they removed the machine on her in the first place.

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