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I got bored one day and decided to thicc-ify the xbot. if you wana give me credit go ahead. but Honestly I dont care.
Btw, this isn't setup to be immediately uploaded to VRChat. there is 2 copies of the model. the one in the root directory has some of the hidden triangles cut out to make it work better with the shirt. the other one in the characters folder doesn't have this modification, and is intended for development.

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Mckitty 1643321184 ago

can I make this a fallback avatar?

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Snerp Author 1542605206 ago

He was talking about this sites general purpose tutorial for getting models to be avatars. you may wana look into having to manually set avatars up, it will help you a lot on this site.

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iamtadookie 1542330051 ago

what tutorial i need to know

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Eren Jaeger 1542136599 ago

finna crack open the tutorial and meat my sexual reproductive erected appendage

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cowboi 1542080860 ago

xbot lookin mighty thicc today

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Rubba 1542013664 ago

Damn she thicc

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Learn how to install avatars, models and more here! Very quick 1 minute easy to follow videos.

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