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K/DA Akali ripped from LoL. 7500 Poly. HD Textures Thanks to Eagle!

Need Cubed Flat Lit Toon Shaders:
1. Download Cubed Flat Lit Toon: https://github.com/cubedparadox/Cubeds-Unity-Shaders
2. Extract and drag folder into empty new project (recommended)
3. Download and import VRCSDK from VRC site.

Open Akali scene in unity to select Normal or Neon ver to upload.

For Dynamic Bones, You will have to buy them on Unity Asset store and do them yourself.


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TristonDEVOL 1576117351 ago

here i made an emission map for u guys to download it looks a lot closer to the actual akali http://www.mediafire.com/view/wpoydoo1lt7isbk/BodyGlow_Emission_Map.png/file

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Mr Satan 1568178447 ago

mmyaes bruda!

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Bananam Author 1568002093 ago

Satan brother XD

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Mr Satan 1566837578 ago

Ayy babyy

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nex86 1543354315 ago

To fix "please add a scene or avatar descriptor" You have to drag and drop prefab of your choice (neon or normal) into the scene hierarchy!!

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NapaLM01 1543114446 ago

the how to add visualizer on mask

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Boospooke 1543076164 ago

Do you plan to do any of the other KDA members

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ForetVrchat 1543041314 ago

Can you do Vladimir from League Of legends

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chaz1492 1542713977 ago

"Error updating content. Image upload failed. Failed to upload file." anyone else getting this error

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Bananam Author 1542658425 ago

@Raekh Obsidian

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Raekh 1542619260 ago

@Bananam Yeah but with what tool did you extract everything

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Fatemoon 1542544873 ago

thanks man, so cool

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Komica 1542347870 ago

i love it

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Bananam Author 1542334431 ago

@Raekh Yeah. got it from the FBE ver of LoL. The neon texture has not come to live ver. yet so.

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TumTum 1542328978 ago

dynamics bones

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TheUnknownM 1542327366 ago


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Raekh 1542322606 ago

@Bananam Did you extract this yourself

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SvKnS 1542303962 ago

Everything works fine !!!

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Eagle 1542251900 ago

@Bananam is your discord with foreign letters and a banana profile pic

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Bananam Author 1542240011 ago

vrcmod somehow doesnt let me put down foreign chars. you can find bananam in vrc discord or i can add urs

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Eagle 1542239026 ago

@Bananam what's your discord

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Sigwyn 1542232146 ago

@Bananam thanks dude it works now. (:

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Bananam Author 1542231133 ago

@Eagle: I have done some up scaling myself. havent put them up here cz they are not satisfactory. If you could do better textures, thatd be helpful Xd

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Bananam Author 1542231039 ago

To fix the issue with "please add a scene or avatar descriptor", before importing the unity package downloaded here, please make sure, your project has both Cubed Flat Lit Toon and VRCSDk imported. As for the models, after clicking on Akali Scene file, you should then see 2 objects on the Hierarchy(the left most panel on Unity) one of them is Akali Done and the other is Akali Neon sth. CLcik on the version you want then on the Inspector(right most panel on Unity) there should be a tickbox next to the name of the object. Check it to see the model.

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Derek 1542227510 ago

You're lame

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Sigwyn 1542227483 ago

It says please add a scene or avatar descriptor. I've done it like you said, importet cubed's unity shaders in my projekt and loaded the avatar via the .unitypackage file. Also i can't see it in the project if i click on "Akali", there is no visible model.

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Bananam Author 1542224630 ago

could you describe the problem in more details

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Cokey 1542219807 ago

After I did everything correctly I chose Neon and it still refuses to open after I click the seed. Can I please have some help

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Eagle 1542212190 ago

Textures are kinda low quality, i can give some more high res if you want

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PineeGamer 1542210136 ago

Could put movements in the mask

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Cruel 1542185710 ago

Btw guys the og guy who ripped this added mask visemes that look soooo nice

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Eren Jaeger 1542170673 ago

*hol up meme.jpg* this from league of legends , kid , with all due respect i have to say u r a nigger
. . . . trust 'n safety update more like "get treated like low class shit " get fuckin labled vrchat devs need therapy

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Eren Jaeger 1542170332 ago

link me the S A U C E of the model from the og person who ripped it

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Eren Jaeger 1542170255 ago

i wonder Whomst'd've dick u had swallow and exhale to get this, it was not just ripped and givem out like that ...

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Bananam Author 1542136579 ago

of course its stolen. its ripped from LoL XD

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Eren Jaeger 1542136402 ago


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Joltze 1542084484 ago

this faze

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