Gordon Ramsay FIXED

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DOWNLOAD HERE: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tds2safBcPTkp5SyMOjc6GeDVGMoFg_V/view?usp=sharing
Gordon Ramsay made by BiscuitPants. Different parts from different models brought together.

FingerPoint: The F*** is this?!
Handgun: What are you?!
RocknRoll: The Duck is Burnt!

above 20k Poly.

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gherkinboii 1594765039 ago

If you use this, you need to fix a few shaders by changing them to 'standard' (hair, tomato, pan, duck). If some textures are not applying convert the dds files to png and then manually assign

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Acrozi 1557098499 ago

what are you, a stupid sandwich?

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THE SNIC SNACK 1545842891 ago


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Hayan 1545486769 ago

FYI, download with the google drive link, then after importing click the hair and change shader

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Bananam Author 1542480789 ago

You decimate it in Blender

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Drew25 1542219757 ago

How do you lower polygon count

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Bananam Author 1542137006 ago

Download the fixed version from the description

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iknotheabcs 1542124886 ago

umm.. did you forget the hair

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AlaskaDZ 1542124876 ago

The hair is broken no hair on avatar
also the face was pienk

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Paranoias Big Venom 1542088224 ago

Why is he bold

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