One's Justice All Might (25K, visemes, emotes)

Uploaded by Eagle 1542221343 ago


All Might Is Here... as VRChat avatar! Any problems? DM me on discord Eagle#4191

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jaydenleahudson 1587079138 ago

Are there any requirements?

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Hayan 1546153917 ago

Thanks for this

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kirionnor 1542290882 ago

Can you do Dabi

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Eagle Author 1542231853 ago

Ok i reuploaded the unitypackage, animations should be on now...

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Eagle Author 1542230282 ago

@TheLeadZombie visemes should work without the jaw being connected, also i'll check the animations

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TheLeadZombie 1542228206 ago

Emotes are still default and jaw hangs open when i connect the jaw in the rig.

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Eren Jaeger 1542226120 ago

how bout that bowsette mmmmmm thicc

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