Off-White Yeezy Len (Eye Tracking, Visemes, Face Gestures)

Uploaded by ItsLiberty 1542488797 ago


Do what you want with it.
(Dynamic Bones/Colliders and Fullbody)

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Piny 1580848335 ago

I cant seem to open the file. I get shader error in CubedParadox/flat lit toon: failed to pen source file even after downloading the shader from here

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Spartan 1574025632 ago

oof I'm having a bit of a Problem like Everyone else- the Model is just Gray when I re did it and I have no Idea why- Could I possibly get some help?

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ItsLiberty Author 1562298639 ago

cubed shader flat lit toon

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Kurum1 1562218147 ago

what is the correct shaders for the face?

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swordartonline0909 1561254428 ago

What's the correct shader for this avatar?

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Gladdy 1560251921 ago

How do I get the shaders to work?
Could you provide link for the correct one? Cheers! Nice model.

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xeru 1551686199 ago

I'm having trouble setting this up, could I perhaps have your discord username please and message you on discord? It's always pink no matter what, even though I have the cubed unity shaders downloaded.

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Danikileitor 1546372669 ago

Please, can you mention the dependances for this avatar, thanks.

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T1GER 1546072493 ago

What shader does this use

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evXn 1544425091 ago

How to change Hat skin

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Foxxxy 1542693299 ago

are you a thot.

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ItsLiberty Author 1542613403 ago

@Sinister add me on discord ill fix it for you

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ItsLiberty Author 1542590504 ago

I updated the model to add the gestures i forgot to add and added my version of flat lit toon

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ItsLiberty Author 1542585345 ago

yeah i will be uploading it in a minute i forgot to add them

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TheUnknownM 1542581591 ago

Nice model but it doesn't have any gestures like in one of the pictures you show.

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Sukumi 1542512726 ago

Nice fitting of the hoodie :) i'd erp with

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ItsLiberty Author 1542500395 ago

Thanks guys :)

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Manish 1542492515 ago

NIce skin upvote

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xFOXx 1542490282 ago

This dope bro. Keep up the good work fo' sho. :D

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