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*Fixed* Fullbody Darwing Miku Screenshot *Fixed* Fullbody Darwing Miku Screenshot

1.2K Total Downloads

29.6K Total Views

Asset Type VRChat Avatars

File Type Unity Package



~Fixed the thigh shrinking problem~
~Added galaxy drawing on her finger~

\\\\\\\\What you need to have for this model////
-Flat Lit Toon-
-Hacked VrcSDK or an edited VrcSDK-
-Dynamic Bones-
-A VrChat account-

\\\\\\\\What comes with this model////
-Fullbody Ready-
-Hair Physics with colliders-
-Boob Physics with colliders-
-Eye Tracking-
-The texures-
-The materials-
-Quantum's shader
-Animations (Drawing, Happy, Sad, Mad, Wink, and Lewd)-
-The Anti Crown fbx. and a floating animation for it-

I spent a while fixing this. This model is from deviant art.
I take no credit for this model; I made her thicker in blender, added bones for the breasts, and changed her up a bit in unity.
The link to this model is down below....
(If you have any questions you may ask me on my discord->FOX#0001)

Assets (190 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/k_Asi2.png
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Miku - without shoes.pmx
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Flat Lit Toon Cutout Hearts.shader
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Read me!~.txt
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/TDA Birthday Miku.fbx
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/k_hika0.png
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Miku.pmx
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/k_hika1.png
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/11th Birthday Miku.unity
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/k_hika.png
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Snail/anim/TrailPosition.controller
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Snail/anim/Trail.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Snail/Marker/
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Snail/Marker/Components/Marker.blend
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Snail/Marker/Components/Marker.blend1
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Snail/Marker/Components/Marker.shader
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Snail/Marker/Components/ManualTestingAnimator.controller
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Snail/Marker/Components/TrailEnaber/EnableTrail.controller
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Snail/Marker/Components/TrailEnaber/EnableTrailSource.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Snail/Marker/Components/Materials/Ink.mat
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Snail/Marker/Components/Materials/Marker.mat
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Snail/Marker/Components/Editor/SnailMarkerEditor.cs
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Snail/Marker/Prefab/Marker.prefab
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Snail/Marker/AnimationGenerator/SnailMarkerAnimationCreator.cs
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Snail/Marker/AnimationGenerator/Editor/SnailMarkerAnimationCreatorEditor.cs
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/extra anim/Miku Override.overrideController
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/extra anim/Blink 1.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/extra anim/Peace 1.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/extra anim/RnR.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/extra anim/Sad 1.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/extra anim/Shocked 1.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/extra anim/Mad 1.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/extra anim/Smile 1.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/extra anim/ThumbsUp.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/extra anim/Handgun.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/extra anim/here 1.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/extra anim/Handopen.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/extra anim/Fingerpoint.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/extra anim/Peace.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/extra anim/Overrides 1/Smile.controller
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/extra anim/Overrides 1/Smile.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/extra anim/Overrides 1/Mad.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/extra anim/Overrides 1/Sad.controller
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/extra anim/Overrides 1/Blink.controller
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/extra anim/Overrides 1/here BH.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/extra anim/Overrides 1/Mad.controller
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/extra anim/Overrides 1/Sad.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/extra anim/Overrides 1/Shocked.controller
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/extra anim/Overrides 1/Shocked.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/extra anim/Overrides 1/Blink.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/extra anim/Overrides 1/Peace.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/extra anim/Overrides 1/here.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/extra anim/Overrides 1/Peace.controller
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Materials/body.mat
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Materials/body01.mat
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Materials/shoe_gems.mat
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Materials/body sotck0.mat
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Materials/k_hika0.mat
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Materials/hair.mat
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Materials/hair2.mat
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Materials/blue.mat
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Materials/pink.mat
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Materials/hair1.mat
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Materials/body04c_MikuAp.mat
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Materials/k_Asi2.mat
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Materials/glass.mat
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Materials/5.mat
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Materials/50.mat
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Materials/shirt.mat
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Materials/shoe_gem.mat
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Materials/face.mat
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Materials/black.mat
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Materials/body04c_MikuAp0.mat
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Materials/k_hika.mat
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Materials/body sotck.mat
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/sph/body00_s.bmp
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/sph/skin.bmp
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/sph/Thumbs.db
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/sph/skinsh.bmp
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/sph/body01_s.bmp
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/sph/hair.png
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/sph/hair.bmp
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/[o-DSV-o] ANTI Crown/Preview.png
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/[o-DSV-o] ANTI Crown/Raising crown.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/[o-DSV-o] ANTI Crown/Crown 2.controller
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/[o-DSV-o] ANTI Crown/Crown 2.fbx
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/[o-DSV-o] ANTI Crown/Madlen Rimini Boots/Purple/Boots.pmd
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/[o-DSV-o] ANTI Crown/Madlen Rimini Boots/Purple/cipo.png
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/[o-DSV-o] ANTI Crown/Madlen Rimini Boots/Black/Boots.pmd
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/[o-DSV-o] ANTI Crown/Madlen Rimini Boots/Black/cipo.png
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/[o-DSV-o] ANTI Crown/Madlen Rimini Boots/Red/Boots.pmd
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/[o-DSV-o] ANTI Crown/Madlen Rimini Boots/Red/cipo.png
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/[o-DSV-o] ANTI Crown/Madlen Rimini Boots/Claret/Boots.pmd
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/[o-DSV-o] ANTI Crown/Madlen Rimini Boots/Claret/cipo.png
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/[o-DSV-o] ANTI Crown/Madlen Rimini Boots/Blue/Boots.pmd
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/[o-DSV-o] ANTI Crown/Madlen Rimini Boots/Blue/cipo.png
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/[o-DSV-o] ANTI Crown/Madlen Rimini Boots/White/Boots.pmd
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/[o-DSV-o] ANTI Crown/Madlen Rimini Boots/White/cipo.png
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/[o-DSV-o] ANTI Crown/Madlen Rimini Boots/Orange/Boots.pmd
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/[o-DSV-o] ANTI Crown/Madlen Rimini Boots/Orange/cipo.png
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/[o-DSV-o] ANTI Crown/Madlen Rimini Boots/Cream/Boots.pmd
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/[o-DSV-o] ANTI Crown/Madlen Rimini Boots/Cream/cipo.png
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/[o-DSV-o] ANTI Crown/Madlen Rimini Boots/Light Brown/Boots.pmd
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/[o-DSV-o] ANTI Crown/Madlen Rimini Boots/Light Brown/cipo.png
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/[o-DSV-o] ANTI Crown/Madlen Rimini Boots/Brown/Boots.pmd
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/[o-DSV-o] ANTI Crown/Madlen Rimini Boots/Brown/cipo.png
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/[o-DSV-o] ANTI Crown/Materials/2.mat
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/[o-DSV-o] ANTI Crown/PMX/2.pmx
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/[o-DSV-o] ANTI Crown/PMX/1.png
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/[o-DSV-o] ANTI Crown/PMX/metal.bmp
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/[o-DSV-o] ANTI Crown/PMX/2.png
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/[o-DSV-o] ANTI Crown/PMX/1.pmx
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/[o-DSV-o] ANTI Crown/PMX/3.pmx
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/[o-DSV-o] ANTI Crown/PMX/3.png
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/tga/black.png
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/tga/hair2.png
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/tga/body00.png
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/tga/face.png
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/tga/body sotck.png
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/tga/tex 015651.png
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/tga/body sotck1.png
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/tga/hairt.bmp
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/tga/hairt0.bmp
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/tga/glass.tga
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/tga/blue.png
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/tga/body sotck0.png
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/tga/5.png
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/tga/
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/tga/skint.bmp
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/tga/body04c_MikuAp1.jpg
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/tga/body.png
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/tga/hairt01.bmp
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/tga/body01.png
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/tga/body04c_MikuAp0.jpg
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/tga/hair.png
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/tga/face1.png
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/tga/body04c_MikuAp.jpg
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/tga/hair1.png
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/tga/hairr.png
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/tga/body04c_MikuApp.jpg
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/tga/50.png
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/tga/s.png
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/tga/pink.png
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/tga/[Originals]/miku_sw.tga
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Animation/Miku Happy.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Animation/Miku Wink.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Animation/Miku Sad.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Animation/DRAWROCK.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Animation/Ink.mat
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Animation/Fixed Miku.overrideController
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Animation/DRAWFIST.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Animation/Overrides.overrideController
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Animation/DRAWTHUMB.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Animation/Drawing.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Animation/EraseAll.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Animation/Miku Shocked.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Animation/Miku Lewd.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Animation/DRAWGUN.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Animation/DRAWOPEN.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Animation/DRAWPOINT.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Animation/Miku Mad.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Animation/DRAWVICTORY.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Animation/X-tra anim/Miku Override.overrideController
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Animation/X-tra anim/Blink 1.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Animation/X-tra anim/Peace 1.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Animation/X-tra anim/RnR.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Animation/X-tra anim/Sad 1.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Animation/X-tra anim/Shocked 1.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Animation/X-tra anim/Mad 1.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Animation/X-tra anim/Smile 1.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Animation/X-tra anim/ThumbsUp.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Animation/X-tra anim/Handgun.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Animation/X-tra anim/here 1.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Animation/X-tra anim/Handopen.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Animation/X-tra anim/Fingerpoint.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Animation/X-tra anim/Peace.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Animation/X-tra anim/Overrides 1/Smile.controller
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Animation/X-tra anim/Overrides 1/Smile.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Animation/X-tra anim/Overrides 1/Mad.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Animation/X-tra anim/Overrides 1/Sad.controller
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Animation/X-tra anim/Overrides 1/Blink.controller
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Animation/X-tra anim/Overrides 1/here BH.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Animation/X-tra anim/Overrides 1/Mad.controller
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Animation/X-tra anim/Overrides 1/Sad.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Animation/X-tra anim/Overrides 1/Shocked.controller
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Animation/X-tra anim/Overrides 1/Shocked.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Animation/X-tra anim/Overrides 1/Blink.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Animation/X-tra anim/Overrides 1/Peace.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Animation/X-tra anim/Overrides 1/here.anim
/Assets/TDA 11 Birthday Miku!/Animation/X-tra anim/Overrides 1/Peace.controller

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Nebula 1550039971 ago

pls fix the blinking :c

Squishykats122 1548706501 ago

idk if its a problem for anyone else but i would fix her blinking, for me she is winking with her left eye. (easy to fix in blender)

ItsLiberty 1542739357 ago



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