Winter Len (Dynamic Bone, Gestures, Visemes, Eye Tracking)

Uploaded by ItsLiberty 1542736525 ago


Also includes hair and ear colliders! :D plus full body tracking
VrChat Username: ItsLiberty
Stop by and show me your edits :)

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Hayan 1545486857 ago

@notRiglock google it how

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notRiglock 1544205053 ago

its 59k pls help how i can change it

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CaptainRex 1543784689 ago

Please i need some help with these avatars you made i got problems with fingers and shader, please add me on discord!
Discord: Fixer

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UpperMendez 1543722778 ago

I have no idea if you see your comments, but This is one of the coolest avatars I've seen from here!!!! Good Job

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epic3G 1543656351 ago

how do i fix the weigh paint

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ItsLiberty Author 1543005323 ago

@Drakeos I have oculus it works for me add me on discord and I can help

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ForetVrchat 1542927211 ago

Can you do Subcom fox boy

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Drakeos 1542911411 ago

Gestures's not configured for Oculus Users :(

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Spookyghostboo 1542909332 ago

I see this avatar model all over the place. Can you tell me where the base model comes from

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ItsLiberty Author 1542743685 ago

@TheUnkownM thank you so much!!

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TheUnknownM 1542742911 ago

Ah okay, Thanks.
I love your models btw, They're so cool.

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ItsLiberty Author 1542739531 ago

@TheUnkownM I am updating it i forgot to put that in there

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TheUnknownM 1542739141 ago

For some reason, I can't find the ear material.

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xFOXx 1542736732 ago

Aweeeeee the dragon is so cute! Love the winter theme also ;D

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