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Tay the Bunny (Fullbody, Eye tracking, Visemes, Guestures) Screenshot Tay the Bunny (Fullbody, Eye tracking, Visemes, Guestures) Screenshot Tay the Bunny (Fullbody, Eye tracking, Visemes, Guestures) Screenshot Tay the Bunny (Fullbody, Eye tracking, Visemes, Guestures) Screenshot Tay the Bunny (Fullbody, Eye tracking, Visemes, Guestures) Screenshot

1.4K Total Downloads

33.4K Total Views

Asset Type VRChat Avatars

File Type Unity Package



\\\\What you need to have for this model////
-Flat Lit Toon-
-Hacked VrcSDK or an edited VrcSDK-
-Dynamic Bones-
-A VrChat account-

\\\\What comes with this model////
-A Carrot that you can eat-
-Glows in the dark-
-Fullbody Ready-
-Hair Physics with colliders-
-Butt Physics with colliders-
-Eye Tracking-
-The texures-
-The materials-

-Hold Carrot-

There is no specific link to this model, because I pieced it together myself: however if you would like a link to the base, shirt, pants, carrot, etc.. Just ask.
If you have a problem then you may message me on discord, (FOX#0001) but if not, please move on and Upvote if you like it ;D

Assets (66 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/A Tay/TheF0X.fbx
/Assets/A Tay/Tay.fbx
/Assets/A Tay/Tanya.pmx
/Assets/A Tay/Open This.unity
/Assets/A Tay/Noir/Noir.pmd
/Assets/A Tay/Noir/Noir.pmx
/Assets/A Tay/Noir/Tex/h.png
/Assets/A Tay/Flowery Bracelets/brc_d.png
/Assets/A Tay/Flowery Bracelets/2.pmx
/Assets/A Tay/Flowery Bracelets/1.pmx
/Assets/A Tay/Flowery Bracelets/3.pmx
/Assets/A Tay/Flowery Bracelets/brc_d1.png
/Assets/A Tay/Flowery Bracelets/brc_d2.png
/Assets/A Tay/SHIRT 2/02.png
/Assets/A Tay/SHIRT 2/2.png
/Assets/A Tay/SHIRT 2/T-SHIRT 2.pmx
/Assets/A Tay/Anim/Lewd.anim
/Assets/A Tay/Anim/Hold Carrot.anim
/Assets/A Tay/Anim/Peace 1.anim
/Assets/A Tay/Anim/Sad 1.anim
/Assets/A Tay/Anim/Shocked 1.anim
/Assets/A Tay/Anim/Mad 1.anim
/Assets/A Tay/Anim/Smile 1.anim
/Assets/A Tay/Anim/Tay.overrideController
/Assets/A Tay/Materials/1.mat
/Assets/A Tay/Materials/brc_d.mat
/Assets/A Tay/Materials/TheF0X.mat
/Assets/A Tay/Materials/FaceTex03.mat
/Assets/A Tay/Materials/h1.mat
/Assets/A Tay/Materials/sun_jewel.mat
/Assets/A Tay/Materials/020011_LynM_col1_D.mat
/Assets/A Tay/Materials/sun.mat
/Assets/A Tay/Materials/gls - bl.mat
/Assets/A Tay/Materials/BodyTex02.mat
/Assets/A Tay/Materials/h.mat
/Assets/A Tay/Materials/choker.mat
/Assets/A Tay/Materials/moon_charm.mat
/Assets/A Tay/Materials/2.mat
/Assets/A Tay/Tex/gls - bl.PNG
/Assets/A Tay/Tex/h2.png
/Assets/A Tay/Tex/sweater.png
/Assets/A Tay/Tex/1.png
/Assets/A Tay/Tex/FaceTex03.png
/Assets/A Tay/Tex/BodyTex02.png
/Assets/A Tay/Tex/h1.png
/Assets/A Tay/Carrot/Carrot.fbx
/Assets/A Tay/Carrot/tex/Carrot.pmd
/Assets/A Tay/Carrot/tex/g.bmp
/Assets/A Tay/Carrot/tex/l.png
/Assets/A Tay/Carrot/tex/o.bmp
/Assets/A Tay/Carrot/tex/c.png
/Assets/A Tay/Carrot/Materials/l.mat
/Assets/A Tay/Carrot/Materials/c.mat
/Assets/A Tay/Galactic Choker/sph_Metal04a.png
/Assets/A Tay/Galactic Choker/READMEH.txt
/Assets/A Tay/Galactic Choker/spa_SSh2.png
/Assets/A Tay/Galactic Choker/choker.png
/Assets/A Tay/Galactic Choker/glass11a.png
/Assets/A Tay/Galactic Choker/galactic choker.pmx
/Assets/A Tay/Galactic Choker/gold3.png
/Assets/A Tay/Galactic Choker/choker_orig.png
/Assets/A Tay/Galactic Choker/jewel01a.png
/Assets/A Tay/Bunny/020011_LynM_col1_N.tga
/Assets/A Tay/Bunny/020011_LynM_col1_D_orig.tga
/Assets/A Tay/Bunny/Tail11.Pmx
/Assets/A Tay/Bunny/020011_LynM_col1_D.tga

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Huguito 1543158784 ago

So exciting to see. I failed on november no nut

W4RNING 1542802539 ago


xFOXx Author 1542785713 ago

tHoT dEteCteD

Eagle 1542773607 ago

Lmao this comment section, begon tHoT (im joking)

Lyeco 1542773281 ago

Why did the bunny turned into a thot

xFOXx Author 1542772517 ago

Thicc thighs save lives @Foxxxy

xFOXx Author 1542772455 ago

;D @ItsLiberty


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