Emo Len (Gestures, EyeTracking, DynamicBones, Visemes)

Uploaded by ItsLiberty 1543096864 ago


Also includes hair and ear colliders! :D plus full body tracking
+20k polys
VrChat Username: ItsLiberty
Stop by and show me your edits :)
*Update* I forgot to put the wolf ear texture in its good now :)

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Blue Shell 1625981042 ago

while editing the model i noticed that there is a script that says its missing in the inspector, how do i fix this and did i do something wrong?

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Silver_Person 1607844673 ago

do i need to use SDK2 or SDK3

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XxinfinityBeaTz_ 1591139196 ago

mine doesn't have a face

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PoroHub 1590602044 ago

anyone know why when i put the model into unity. it's just straight pink?

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Siddiet 1583249773 ago

Good model, only issue is the weight painting around the undersides of the arms...

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SuuKool 1558494432 ago

I made an edit. You used the Len base right : https://www.deviantart.com/riciaq/art/Tda-Len-Base-DL-747688598

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Jouska 1548374380 ago

Can you make more that are less 20k in the future?

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notRiglock 1544270928 ago

i need help
how i can put on the game

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TheUnknownM 1543787174 ago

Lower the polygon of the shoes and the body with mantis lod editor.

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Tshined 1543668778 ago

Model still came out to 45k poly after Delting liberty name tag. Not sure what i did wrong :(

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TheUnknownM 1543548681 ago

I just realized something about this model, When you raise your arms in VR his arms are like a wingsuit.

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ItsLiberty Author 1543209813 ago

@Rinny ultra hearing xD

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Rinny 1543208517 ago

I love how he has 4 ears lmao.

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TheUnknownM 1543201947 ago

Btw guys, If you want to clear up 50k polygons, Delete the ItsLiberty name tag under the head.
armature>Hips>Spine>Chest>Neck>Head. That seems to take up 50k polygons. (Dunno why it takes up so much)

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TheUnknownM 1543199959 ago

@ItsLiberty Thank you. <3

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Guppyriella 1543179807 ago

female version plz

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ItsLiberty Author 1543124559 ago

@TheUnkownM I updated the model just redownload it and youll see it!

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TheUnknownM 1543120753 ago

@ItsLiberty I can't find the ear material btw.
Also, The hand gestures seem to not work too well, I can't point or do the gun hand.

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TheUnknownM 1543119147 ago

Aawwee. You guys are beautiful inside and out, Always remember you guys are purrfect the way you are.

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xFOXx 1543115079 ago

Aweeeee. Look at us <3

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TheUnknownM 1543112297 ago

Use mantis lod editor, You click the body then go click the window tab on the top left side besides the help window, Then go into mantis lod editor then upload, You can then adjust the polygons. :) Remember to do the shoes because they're over 3k polygons. ^^ I made them low like instead of 100% They're now 14% But they look nice! I always have my avatars 20k poly or less so i wont risk on getting banned (If that would ever happen) I still lower polys tho just in case, I don't really care about the quality of models. :)

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ItsLiberty Author 1543106646 ago

yay! @ForetVrchat

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ItsLiberty Author 1543099278 ago

You're welcome! @TheUnknownM

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TheUnknownM 1543099103 ago

I have been waiting so long for an avatar like this.
Thankies! <3

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