Yamato Swimsuit

Uploaded by Alleycrack 1517092007 ago


The Japanese battleship Yamato from the web browser game Kancolle. This model uses Cubed's Shaders and Dynamic Bones for the hair and breasts. All credit for the model goes to Pon Pu http://3d.nicovideo.jp/works/td31901

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kirotyn 1524009225 ago

so i tried to upload this today, but for some reason when it didnt upload, and when i loaded it in unity, the vrcsdk build tab wasnt where i had put it and clicking on the sdk tab at the top only gave me some weird option and not the usual options

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Viscoun 1519239986 ago

well-made model but way too many clippings and polygons. looks overly decimated compared to the original.

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Alleycrack Author 1518323563 ago

Make sure you have the latest versions for everything and to import the shaders and the VRChat SDK

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Edolas 1518031257 ago

https://imgur.com/a/zVNcK Here's some more errors I am getting

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nygnug 1517869877 ago

I'm also getting a ton of errors once I try to build&publish.

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Edolas 1517688262 ago

I'm getting a lot of them, but some of it this time seems to be issues with their servers. One that I know appeared last time and this time too was "ArgumentException: GUILayout: Mismatched LayoutGroup.Repaint"
I'm going to wait for servers to sort themselves out before trying to list everything I see, I know that they said on twitter that they are having issues atm.

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Alleycrack Author 1517678638 ago

What is the error

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Edolas 1517634662 ago

I get an error when ever I try to add it to my account

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DukeofAngels 1517106923 ago

Thanks for the upload. I can never have too many Kancolle avatars.

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