Brochacho Emoji man Imitation Update [+Custom Emotes]

Uploaded by Huguito 1543467090 ago


Old version:

Well, is a totally fixed and remastered model with better slippers, tears textures correction, rigged hands!!! (I hope works fine for your hand trackers!) and rigged foots.

*You can add jigglebones to tears because is rigged too!
*No audios included, because the new SDK is impossible to put audio to Avatars (.....hmmm for me is impossible and for more people i guess.....)
*Custom emotes (same old animations) for add to the avatar controller if you want...
*UV Map on Slippers, you can remove it if you want

Thanks for the bigass unique downloads!!! Avatar appears on Jameskii videos!!! WOW!


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jackster 1555866275 ago

how to make custom emotes and other work

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Avatar & Model Installing

All avatars, models, and unity content are available as unity package files. Follow our tutorials below to install, create and do more with these files!

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