ANIMATED Dubstep Gun w/multiple textures

Uploaded by OMG Riley 1543629027 ago


If you're gonna use a dubstep gun, you might as well use one that's fully animated and textured.

Just drag the included animation onto the gun. Easy peasy.

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Ak1H1Sa 1573828971 ago

Is it working at the time? :D

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Seasickdrip 1564903249 ago

how do i add it to someone

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micsnik 1545883941 ago

How do i actually put it in the character

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MysteryAle 1543694164 ago

just take my likes, well deserved

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Kurisutina 1543657814 ago

Very nice, thanks a lot!

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OMG Riley Author 1543631523 ago

Figured someone would have put this here months ago. Was surprised when no one had, so I figured i would be nice.

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GoryGloryGuy 1543631443 ago

you are a hero to the masses.

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Mojion 1543631159 ago


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