Christmas Hat

Uploaded by Eagle 1543715984 ago


Here's a christmas hat so everyone can get in that christmas mood

Uses cubed shaders

Need help? discord Eagle#4191

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Minitiger 1545160829 ago

Hey today i saw Memelous and he had that hat and he said he made it

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ChaosStrikes 1544216272 ago

how do you make them dynamic

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MADLOWKEY 1543805372 ago

Ayy i love it noise buddy

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Eagle Author 1543795642 ago

It has bones but you'll have to make en dynamic yourself

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Eagle Author 1543790749 ago

oh you mean dynamic bones

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Eagle Author 1543780598 ago

lmao what

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pm me your rarest shaders 1543771216 ago

do you move

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Daddysan 1543751656 ago

does it move

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