Neeko (outdated)

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Neeko from League of Legends!
A shapeshifter from a long-lost tribe of Vastaya, she watches the world with wide eyes and endless curiosity, always looking for something new to be.

Contains Animations, Eyetracking, Visemes, and Gestures
Super VR friendly, only 8k and one material!

Gesture list:
F3 or Handopen: Sad
F7 or Handgun: Disappoint
F8 or Thumbsup: Happy

Cubed Shaders
Dynamic Bones

Source: I ripped this on my own.
Problems? Contact me on Discord: Healbot #5194

Current bugs: Weighting in the arm kinda sucks.


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SneakyKatanaMan 1546938259 ago

I need to get me some Jhin and Yasuo models,can't find any models people have ripped

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ShadowQueen 1544366181 ago

can you maybe Rip Neekos winter Skin version to

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Lyeco Author 1544316807 ago

@velvex wdym

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velvex 1544304949 ago

looks like you maped a water paint to a body

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