Fur shader my dudes

Uploaded by Bias 1544293876 ago


Some project on GitHub that can't remember soz

Texture alphas by ZFS

Use noise alphas or make them to control the way the fur flows

Hoodie loli used for testing by https://vrcmods.com/user/Asa

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OMG Riley 1544322910 ago

FYI, this is not the optimized version of the fur shader. and can VERY easily cause a lot of lag. Use at your own risk.

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ExperiencedTribesman 1663948978 ago

Thanks fro the crash shader :3

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SpitDragon 1618842082 ago

Love this one 5 star hero plus

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tentaclefuntime 1575170380 ago

looks more like a mange shader

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chara is awesome 1569162448 ago

Can I use textures with the shader?

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Dawnie 1545418611 ago

so if you are interested in helping then my Discord is Dawnie(hashtag)2552. Again if you add me there, please message me that its in regards to the Fur Shader since I more than likely will be confused as to who you are. Thank you for your time.

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Dawnie 1545418430 ago

I would like to know if you, the author of this shader (assuming it wasn't re-uploaded from another creator) would mind helping me out with this problem. A comment here in response probably wouldn't be seen by me.

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Dawnie 1545418370 ago

When I put my hands in front of my chest there is clearly a sort of bubble around the arm on the shader and a little bit past that, that just causes everything behind it to become transparent; making it so I can look like I have no stomach at all.

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Dawnie 1545418260 ago

Also, when I would point my hands up at people and they look down at me doing so, they apon looking down the length of my arm's fluff can actually see the inside of my avatar's head including the teeth and eyes, and they can see past that.

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Dawnie 1545418176 ago

Hello, I've customized a Nanachi avatar using almost entirely your shader, however I've noticed a major problem when doing so. When I uploaded it to VRChat and logged on, (I have VR btw) I noticed that if the world's lighting isn't absolutely perfect, then the avatar will rapidly go from certain parts being dark and others light, to that effect being reversed apon walking or changing point of view.

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Bias Author 1544558133 ago

Probably imported it wrong, make sure you drop and drag the mat on to model

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NigroManncer 1544487583 ago

tfw it doesnt work for me

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GinGin9959 1544429701 ago


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Lycan Woof 1544423017 ago

Awesome Shader yush!

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Hoodytm 1544363528 ago

well it works now but i cant find the shader

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GetYeeted 1544327002 ago

uploading clap shader noice

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Bias Author 1544315856 ago

Any pink issues should be fixed now, there was a missing file for some reason

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Bias Author 1544308984 ago

Oh I mean

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Asa 1544308866 ago

yeet on my meat

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Bias Author 1544307039 ago

going to reupload the package seem something is messing in the files

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Viswrick 1544303973 ago

This shader is not optimized...

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Kyran 1544302459 ago

omega doodoo

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Chenz 1544300945 ago

The shader is pink and Im getting the error message:
failed to open source file: 'FurHelper.cginc'

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Hoodytm 1544300635 ago

unity says there is an error coming from the shader

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Hoodytm 1544300070 ago

yes but its just pink

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Bias Author 1544299508 ago

@hoody tm, have you tried changing the texture

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Hoodytm 1544298829 ago

its only pink to me

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Bias Author 1544297982 ago

Its a mix of different stuff, But the shader is not made by ZFS lol

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Eagle 1544297809 ago


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rollthered 1544297801 ago

Shader is made By ZFS, You should credit the original.

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rollthered 1544297674 ago

Screenshots and credits would be nice, and if you did actually make this you should state it in your description.

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Silvamord 1544297591 ago

Did you make this or get it somewhere

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