Neo Metal Sonic (26k Poly)

Uploaded by Unaided Colt 24 1544552690 ago


Oh look the Metal Sonic that can talk and somehow transformed into this.

This Mod Includes: -Neo Metal Sonic Model and Animations(Only 3 "idle" "jet" "jog") (By Lady Jojo "The Jojo Network")
-Sonic Animations (Unused again...) By Indig0
-Fornite Animations (By MeritaabeWildin)

Here is the tutorial to how modify vrchat sdk

Next Mod: 2B Blaze

What I'm Made Of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Lil Burger 1582240264 ago


1 Reply
Lenypo 1659999485 ago

One of Sonic modern porfa since the one of dreas is very badly made porfa

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chara is awesome 1544750378 ago

Cuphead next pls

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PidgeyTheThief 1544707958 ago

can you make jevil from deltarune

0 Reply
Unaided Colt 24 Author 1544643837 ago

@renegadeV yep

0 Reply
renegadeV 1544642207 ago

did you get The Jojo Network permission to port this

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MattTheHedgehog 1544631757 ago

You should do Jojo's Toei Sonic at some point

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