ParticleEffectV3(Yuki V19)

Uploaded by Yuki V19 1544675746 ago


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azurekite 1555564869 ago

Well this got me into knowing more about making animations so I guess that's good plus it was fun messing around with it.

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Purple Destroyer 1546727646 ago

So how to use,
there should be a prefab called GUN3 inside it, that has all the particles and music ect inside it. you need to then make an animation that enables it and use that to overwrite the hand gesture of your choice. Easier done than said in my opinion Also unity shows particles as all a basic particle until you simulate them by selecting them and pressing play

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Sigwyn 1544855632 ago

I think you messed up with the pics. Your picture of V3 is actually V2 and V2 is V3.

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Space Badger 1544796092 ago

I'm either too old or to dumb for this stuff :D how should i use this

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