Yugi And Yami (Yu-gi-oh! 3DS Models)

Uploaded by Minitiger 1546208784 ago


EEEEE idk i was bored so i took the models of Yugi and Yami from the Yu-gi-oh! 3DS game

Credit: https://www.models-resource.com/3ds/yugiohduelmonsterssaikyocardbattle/

If u have any problems with the models inform me! ill be happy to help! Discord: Yaoi<3#0084


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Minitiger Author 1551019844 ago

@ChimeraFaira you have to extract the model as a file or a unitypackage and then u can upload it here

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ChimeraFaira 1546919851 ago

hey I was wondering, i'm relatively new to using programs like unity and blender and i was wondering how you uploaded this model because I know that it doesn't come with an obj file which is what I normally use to get it through blender so i was wondering how you got it here

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