Battlefield 4 US Assault

Uploaded by Cassidy 1546644194 ago


Model From Garrys mod.
If there are any problems with the model let me know please!


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Dogmaker 1593232785 ago

Thank you so much my friend had lost his and wanted me to get him a new one. So I'm going to use this. Once again thank you so much!

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hamahaki 1590549502 ago

Can you do US support

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willis8080 1546930350 ago

I see, sorry for the late response

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Cassidy Author 1546752478 ago

Not atm but i was thinking about doing that

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willis8080 1546746186 ago

Does this have M4A1 or M16A4

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Cassidy Author 1546662462 ago


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Asa 1546649156 ago

I heard there is oil here

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