Choker, Collars, and Necklaces (Updated Again)

Uploaded by CheinSojang 1546730408 ago


Full credit:
20 chokers (different colors as textures)
Have fun

My discord:

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uglyrats209 1591819786 ago

tank woo

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CheinSojang Author 1586724945 ago Make sure to join this awesome server too

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CheinSojang Author 1547169519 ago

glad you like it

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Lycan Woof 1547057525 ago

I use the Malephar choker alot. its nice :3
shame it didnt have a texture with black collar and red roses tho. but its oki. i just sorta fixed one myself by editing the 1st texture x3 i really like these :D keep up the good work

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