Lvl 35 Mafia Boss

Uploaded by Eagle 1546902617 ago


Includes animation with song

Page didn't update when trying yo update the desc, but im using arktoon shader for this one, looks a little better but you can switch to cubed shaders if you want to

That's how Mafia works.

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Adrian6765 1553803622 ago

@Eagle how do i install the shader pack into unity?

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Eagle Author 1549925039 ago

@DropparN download arktoon shaders from the link in the description and import it into your project

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DropparN 1549320980 ago

How do i remove the purple color?

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MrQuyu72 1547305454 ago

Kinda curious where did you find the model from.

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JimmyXCrow 1547089465 ago

haha love the model man. All you need now is a Lv.1 Crook version ;)

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Eagle Author 1546961304 ago

Uses arktoon shaders, sorry desc was incomplete

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TheUnknownM 1546960430 ago

You need to click the materials and put the shader back on them for some weird reason.

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ChimeraFaira 1546916806 ago

When I open the model in Unity its covered in pink textures, and I already have the shader installed.

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Adolf Hitler 1546916041 ago

sieg heil

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cowboi 1546913420 ago

That's how mafia works

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Lyeco 1546912612 ago

Can we also have the mafia queen too

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Lyeco 1546911410 ago

Just need Level 1 Crook

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ShortcutsVR 1546909018 ago

if you read this backwards if you YOU DIE works Mafia how That's

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CheinSojang 1546905519 ago

That's how Mafia works

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