Samus but she's actually thicc, with jiggle physics

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Zero Suit Samus from Super Smash Bros Ultimate but i spend 8 hours in blender to make her actually thicc

Has visemes, dynamic bones and added jiggle physics (with colliders)

Comes with Gun, Gunship and alternative dark blue texture.

Asa approves

Samus has emotes and comes with some gestures:

Fist/Shift + F2 - Gun (with ''Try Me'' voice line from Smash for WiiU)
Open Hand/Shift + F3 - Blush Face
Rock'n'Roll/ Shift + F6 - Spawns her GunShip (simple spawn anim, but feel free to make a better animation with it)

Uses arktoon shaders:

**Credit and big thanks to for helping make a better suit texture**

**known issues**
Her legs bend in a weird way when crouching down
Her gun doesn't always show due to a weird bound box(?)
I've tried to fix these but without any luck

If you need help with anything or you know how to fix the issues that i listed above, message me @ Eagle#4191 on discord

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Eagle Author 1547977510 ago

@bobilly89 Tell him real life is not PUBG

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bobilly89 1547964857 ago

my dad chased me around the house and knocked me out with a pan

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