Puro Plushie v1.1

Uploaded by Pheenix 1548518282 ago


Hey This my 1st model From scratch, the way I have the model set up in the unity scene will make sure it works correctly in full body
I ask that you forgive any mistakes if you find some, if there are any issues I'll try my best to fix them

(v1.1 Noticed a slight mistake and fixed it)

Puro Plushie , Has Eye Tracking, No blink (felt it didn't need it as a plushie)
No Visemes, (Again Plushie)
dynamic bones,

Hope you enjoy the model

< Silica >

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TCB94 1608755049 ago

It shows an avatar error when I use this avatar ;-;

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thebouncinglight 1604930575 ago

i downloaded this, but i have no clue how to put it in my VRchat :(

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ThatFriendlyFox 1604334721 ago

it wont let me upload it to vrchat through the sdk does anyone know a fix or have this in a avatar world? ;-;

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needlemouse100fan 1583674170 ago

Cant really do the SDK importing by my self.

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superhighgaming 1568595873 ago

cute and works :3

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Pheenix Author 1548873270 ago

This link is how it should look

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Pheenix Author 1548873005 ago

that needs to be like that for fullbody, I have mine set that way and it allows me to upload, is it actually not letting you upload or is it just a warning? just a note I am 'Not' using a modified SDK for this

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Darkcrystalc 1548734954 ago

The spine has a bone length of 0 when rigged as humanoid, which doesn't allow it to be uploaded.

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jesusbleach 1548576418 ago

wow dude this is nice

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BlitzTheDutchie 1548570523 ago

Please make a Adult version! that would be awesome!

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Lanceacus 1548537727 ago

Super cute! <3

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