Uploaded by Lycan Woof 1548591433 ago


My first upload here.
Didnt see anything like this here from before, so i just thought id do one.

found the original on deviantart, heres the link : https://www.deviantart.com/abyssleo/art/MMD-DL-Kuro-Katana-614984457

if i did everything right it should have both the blade and the scabbard thing.
if i did something wrong please tell me. (as i said.. this is first time i upload anything here)

(also, i did NOT change anything, i only converted it(or watever its called) over to unity, cus not everyone knows how to use blender)

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OFFPLAYSRBX 1665682553 ago

Will this add polygons to my avatar?

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yadeerk 1588653332 ago

Thanks, I like this katana

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