Northern Princess - Kantai Collection

Uploaded by ggqf 1517373458 ago


Some kind of loli from Kantai collection. If you know how to actually fix the hip forward issue let me know. Working eyes and mouth, no dynamic bones yet cause I got tired of trying to fix the hips.

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RitaLeader14 1568742425 ago

Hello, I need to report a user for reuploading my work on here. I don't know where to report so I need some help. A user, MyersPrincessYT reuploded my MMD Power Symbol and I want it taken down.

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Baselin 1671255141 ago


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Minamae 1588695585 ago


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sosomi 1561800185 ago

I can add dynamic bones from my files, right?

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DjangoBreeze 1558639609 ago

Could you update Celestia Ludenberg?

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kwot 1538283110 ago

but Error updating content. Unity package upload failded. Failed to optimize file for upload. What should I do

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Almost Good At Unity Guy 1535743830 ago


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Yuno 1532932250 ago

i don't really understand because not all of the materials are purple, i click once on a purple one and all it says is Shader Error and something else.

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Almost Good At Unity Guy 1532496770 ago

Yuno there should be a file that says materials click it and the materials are all purple it happens cause an import error in unity ok back on topic you need to click on 1 material at a time on each it says standard/error/etc. click that box and click standard it will have its normal color when you click standard so yeah hope that helps reply back if you DONT understand ok?

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Yuno 1531545381 ago

how to do you fix the model because the model looks purple

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Tetrelle 1527025484 ago

Can we get a screenshot so we know if we want to download it or not?

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Quak 1519504661 ago

Nah you dont deserve it

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Spookiest 1519194110 ago

I love the avatar but i was wondering if you could in anyway re-texture the dress, mittens and hair into some sort of space/galaxy look for me. I would really appreciate it if you could. <3

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Quak 1518253052 ago

There will be updated model with dynamic bones and coilders

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ExperiencedTribesman 1518137125 ago


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ggqf Author 1517650987 ago

Yeah, I think it's because it's such a tiny model. I've never had luck with fixing the FUPA on the smaller ones.

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Vuci 1517647055 ago

Have you tried raising the spine in unity?

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InvalidVillain 1517572935 ago

Awesome model :)

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Atomic Storm 1517436461 ago

Another awesome model dude! Like to add my own things anyway

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